about us

A disused metal grain silo, built in the 1960s, sat tired and empty. For years The Greek Farmer was determined to make some use of it. The Eureka moment came in December 2019 to convert this into a walk-in smokehouse and subsequently The Greek Farmer was born…

Cured Meats

We believe our range of cured meat snacks is unique. Using traditional methods of curing, wine bathing & oak smoke, together with authentic Greek spice mixes give our meat its  characteristic taste.

The Smokery

The ‘Kapnistiri’, as it is known in Greek, is a traditional room for smoking food, dating back centuries to the paleolithic era. It was found that by smoking meat it would not only add flavour but also preserve too. This process was later combined with salt curing to produce a remarkably effective preservation process…

The Black Grape

Our wine, specifically the Mavro grape, is a fundamental process in the meats we produce. It’s a phase whereby our whole muscle products are bathed in dry red wine and left for over a week to take on the complex flavours of the wine as well as its colour…

The Charcutiers

The team all share the same passion; to produce some of the UK’s best cured meats and salami’s from our farm in the Hertfordshire countryside. We may be small but we are most definitely mighty!