The Science

Charcuterie is a French term, devoted to meat products. It was part of a repertoire originally intended to preserve meats before the introduction of refrigeration. The main processes in producing our meats, all of which have not changed over time, are:



Adding salt to meat to draw out moisture by the process of osmosis.


Wine Bathing

Marinading the meat in wine as a flavour profile and to further assist with preservation



Enhancing the flavour and preservation properties of the meat by the introduction of smoke



Hanging meat in a specific controlled environment to breakdown the connective tissue.

We believe our produce is unique, the authentic spice mixes together with the wine bathing give our cured meats and salami their characteristic taste. The Greek Farmer is of Cypriot heritage and we believe our products reflect this. The Greek diet is considered one of the tastiest & healthiest in the world, don’t take our word for it shop our product range to find out why.


Free Range & Grass Fed

The meat we use is of course 100% British. Our pork is truly free ranged and our beef is both grass fed & outdoor reared.


Red Wine

The wine we use is a traditional Cyprus red of the Mavro grape variety tailored to our exact specification by a winery in the Troodos mountains of Cyprus.



Our smokehouse is authentic, unique & traditional. We cold smoke our meat with oak logs from local sustainable woodlands.