Air Dried Beef


1* Great Taste Awards winner 2022!
A ‘pastourma’ spiced flavoursome air dried beef that will wow most palates.

  • Ready to eat sliced pack
  • Smoked in our walk in smokehouse
  • High in protein and low in carbs & fat
  • Virtually zero sugar and no unnecessary nasties
  • 100% Grass fed free range British beef
  • Bathed in Cypriot red wine
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A ready to eat leat cut of beef in a 65g sliced pack which is high in protein and low in carbs & fat. Devour it when you crave a tasty snack, for a protein boost after a workout or bring along to a picnic to jazz up your cheeseboard.

An air dried beef formed using the extremely popular Cypriot Pastourma spice mix that, in our opinion, puts its Italian counterpart of Bresaola to shame. What is produced is a lovely lean, tender and silky ready to eat air dried beef with a deep red colour of the wine and a pronounced spice flavouring given by its seven spices.

Outdoor reared grass fed British beef is cured and then left to bath in Greek dry red wine. Rubbed in a highly spiced mix, oak smoked and cased within a natural beef casing where it is then left to mature for 3-4 months in our ageing room.

All our products are shelf stable, meaning there’s no refrigeration required and have 6+ months shelf life. In fact all our products eat better when at room temperature. We recommend refrigeration once the pack has been opened, that’s if you have any left to refrigerate!

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