Air Dried Pork Loin


A delicately flavoured air dried sliced lean pork loin.

  • Ready to eat sliced pack
  • Smoked in our converted grain silo
  • High in protein and low in carbs
  • Absolutely zero sugars and no added nasties
  • 100% Free range British Blythburgh pork loin
  • Bathed in Greek red wine
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A ready to eat air dried cut of pork loin in a generous 50g sliced pack. Eat on the go for a nutritious snack or alongside some cheese, olives, figs & Greek dips and you have yourself a very impressive board reminiscent of Cyprus.

Known as lountza in Cyprus our air dried sliced pork loin is the equivalent of its mediterranean counterparts, Italian lonza or Spanish lomo, however differs in that we bath our loin in dry red wine to take on the delightful flavour.

The wine not only adds an additional flavour profile but also gives the air dried pork loin its defined deep colour. Spiced in a simple mix of black pepper and coriander, oak smoked and cased within a natural beef casing whereby it is left to mature in our ageing room for 3-4 months.

All our products are shelf stable, meaning there’s no refrigeration required and have 6+ months shelf life. In fact all our products eat better when at room temperature. We recommend refrigeration once the pack has been opened, that’s if you have any left to refrigerate!


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