Air Dried Pork Belly Lardons


Gorgeous cubes of free range rind on pork belly, perfect to jazz up your Brussel sprouts, roasties or pasta. In fact these pancetta style lardons are ideal for any dish!

  • Cubed 100g pack of lardons
  • Generously coated in black pepper
  • 100% Free range British Blythburgh pork belly
  • Bathed in Greek Cypriot dry red wine
  • Oak smoked with seasoned oak logs
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Add some body and punch of flavour to your dishes with this 80g pack of lardons made using pork belly from truly free range British pork of the Blythburgh variety. Cubed into lardons that make the perfect addition to most dishes.

Dry cured in salt, then bathed in dry red wine from the Troodos mountains of Cyprus. Spiced liberally with black pepper, lightly oak smoked before being left to mature in our ageing room for 3-4 months gives this pork belly its wonderful flavour.

All our products are shelf stable, meaning there’s no refrigeration required and have up to 12 months shelf life. We recommend refrigeration once the pack has been opened, that’s if you have any left to refrigerate!

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